Prepare for Next Year's Festival: 12 - 21 June 2025


Saturday, 17th June 2023


11:00 am


Stockeld Park, LS22 4AN

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A Senegalese kora (a 21-string harp) player of exquisite finesse, Jali also has a thrilling, soaring, soulful voice. Known in West Africa as a Griot – a bard, praise singer and wandering musician, through whom the history of the people is passed down over generations – Jali’s mastery of music spans centuries and continents. Don’t miss this awesome musician, who has performed at Glastonbury and Womad, right here in Aldborough.
Jali Fily’s wonderfully expressive vocals punch holes in the language barrier…his elegant, often soothing kora playing is without much ornamentation and the uncluttered sound makes the different rhythms clear.”