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  • Travelling By Tuba

  • (Chris Cranham & Stewart Death)


Thursday, 28th June 2018


11:00 am


The Old Hall, North Deighton LS22 4EN

Sponsored By

  • Tim & Di Hare

Playing an innumerable array of wind and brass instruments, Travelling by Tuba present a concert spanning over fifteen thousand years of music.

Beginning with the simplicity of the first natural instruments including the conch shell from the Pacific and the Viking horn from Scandinavia and ending up with the valve tuba of the post-industrial age, the rich history of the tuba is traced. Travelling by Tuba is one of the UK’s busiest and most successful classical music duos. Formed twenty-one years ago, they now perform in excess of 200 concerts a year and have appeared regularly on BBC Radio and television.

‘In Travelling by Tuba II, Chris Cranham and Stuart Death quickly prove that serious music-making goes hand in hand with fun and laughter, something they’ve got down to a fine art. Through story-telling, pantomime, jokes and sheer silliness, through frequent audience involvement and wonderful musicianship, the dynamic duo strut their stuff for 60 minutes.’