18TH - 27TH JUNE 2020


Monday, 17th June 2019


11:00 am


Rudding Park

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  • The Wick Trust

One of the most rarely heard instruments in the orchestra, the Cor Anglais is the larger sibling of the oboe and is notable for its deep, resonant and melancholy sound

One of the world’s finest exponents is Alison Teale, the Principal Cor Anglais player with the BBC Symphony Orchestra. Following her early success in winning the Isle of Wight International Oboe Competition, she has gone on to work with many of the world’s leading orchestras and as a renowned soloist in recital and chamber work. Alison plays on a Loree Royal 125 oboe and a Royal Cor Anglais.

“When an Artist of the calibre of Alison Teale dedicates herself to the cor anglais as well as the oboe, it quickly becomes one of the most beguiling and magical instruments you can hear.”


‘Alison Teale…is a virtuosic advocate for an instrument you don’t often hear outside an orchestral context. But music of this variety, played as brilliantly as this, will always delight.’